Download FUSS server and client and create an educational network


To install a FUSS server (whether physical or virtual), simply use the official Debian 12 “bookworm” image, following the instructions given in the FUSS Tech Guide.

If the FUSS server is installed as a virtual machine in the Proxmox VE virtualization environment, it is recommended to follow the quick installation procedure via cloud-init presented in the FUSS Tech Guide.


FUSS PC .iso images can be copied to a USB stick or DVD and used in three different ways:

  1. live, without the need to install anything;
  2. desktop “standalone,” installing the distribution on a satellite PC not tied to a specific educational network;
  3. client for connection to a server in an educational network.

FUSS 12 images are available in base and education versions. The latter incorporates all educational software for schools of all grades.

Archive of previous releases

Previous releases are available at the following address: