Workshop: Getting started with XMPP chat and Snikket

A step by step course on how to install and use your own FOSS chat system

XMPP - Snikket header

Dashamir Hoxha, member of the Technical Team of the LUGBZ and Roberto Resoli, president of the LinuxTrent were the distinguished speakers of this quite interesting workshop targeted at both technicians and end users. This event was jointly organized by the FUSS Project, the LUGBZ and the LinuxTrent.

Dashamir, connected via BBB-videoconference from Albania and Roberto, in presence at the seminar room of the “Intendenza Scolastica Italiana” (Italian School Board) in Bolzano-Bozen started introducing XMPP and its features, describing why it is better than its alternatives. They concentrate on the Snikket project philosophy and its peculiarities, both on client and server side.

They described briefly how easy the Snikket installation procedure is, and some of the required technical prerequisites. They invited then all participants, both in presence and on-line, to join Snikket, starting messaging with each other and in pre-configured groups, explaining also the security features that are built in Snikket.

At the end Roberto and Dashamir also showed how to install Gajim on Linux, with flatpak, and how to use the same XMPP address created on Snikket.

The video recording of the workshop was made possible with the kind support of Project ComeInClasse and is available here.

The recording is also mirrored on two PeerTube instances:

The poster of the workshop:

Workshop flyer